17 December, 2013

Welton is OBVIOUSLY excited for Christmas

I accidentally fell asleep next to Welton today during nap time. As a result, I was up until 2 a.m. catching up on some tv shows. I went to check on W, and it's a good thing I did because he was inches away from falling off the bed. So, I gently scootched him back to the middle of the bed when all of a sudden, his eyes popped open, he threw his hands in the air and proclaimed "IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!"  Then he rolled over and went back to sleep. It scared the crap out of me, and then I laughed for several minutes. That kid is awesome. Here are some pictures of him being awesome:
The kid loves Mickey. 
And Doritos
And being sassy
And nap time. 

And he obviously hates wearing clothes. That's all for now! 

30 July, 2012

Summer isn't a bummer!

The amazing miracle Welton is weighing it at 29 lbs, but he breaks 30 when he's had a big meal :)  He is talking up a storm, and I will admit that whem I go to the garage to get a soda, I love the silence in there.  He is a very busy boy and keeps going ALL.  Day.  LONG.  His favorite words these days are "ouchie" which he says when he pinches his own belly, "night night," which is accompianied by the cutest little wave, and "bey buh buh," belly button, and he is not shy about lifting your shirt to find it.  He is a little confused when he has on a onesie and can't find his bey buh buh.  He is quite the parrot and will repeat anything you say, which is helping momma and daddy to watch their mouths.  He loves making animal noises, and I think the piggy is my favorite, although cow and tiger are pretty cute too.  He is great at cleaning up, and loves carrying around the trash can in our room.  First he dumps out everything, and then he gently places it all back in.  He loves going over to Aunt Ali's to play in the pool and he loves to play in our backyard in the fun water toys we have.  I think my favorite thing that he does these days is give sweet kisses.  When he's in the mood, he will kiss anyone who's around!

We got to go up to Utah in July for Auntie Mary Jo's wedding, and Welton had so much fun playing with all his Tuinei cousins!  It took a few days for him to warm up, but he  became great pals with Papa and Nana Tuinei.  Hopefully we will be able to go back and visit soon! 

Here are some fun pictures from our summer!  We love y'all!

Father's Day!
Father's Day ice cream cake...

Happy boy.

Auntie Mary Jo's wedding

Family pic

Fun times at the splash pad

Get that pinata!

Happy Summer!!!

09 June, 2012

Pictures: they are worth a thousand words!

Walkin' man!
Being a big boy, diggin for toys.

Bath time!
Welton LOVES to watch Jimmy Fallon!

Holding on to Daddy's ears!
Eating ice cream at the NICU reunion in Provo.

Photo Booth at the NICU reunion in Provo.

First big boy hair cut!

Farmer John chewin his grass.

Watchin' the rain.


And that's the last few months!

30 May, 2012

And the kid keeps growing, growing, and growing, growing!

I haven't the words to describe how excited we are for summer (well, just Welton and I--Ben is ready to melt already and it just hit 90).  I know it's going to be hotter than I can imagine because our blood thickened while spending the last two summers in Utah, but I have the inflatable back yard pool all ready and we are stocked up on swim suits and sun block.  I'm anxious to see how tan Welton gets, which will no doubt have people doubting my maternity of the Samoan Chief.

December seems like eons ago because so much has happened!  Unfortunately I have been too busy trying to keep up with Welton, I have failed to write down exact dates.  And I have obviously been spending too much time texting, because I keep expecting the computer to automatically add the periods after my sentence. 

First: Welton's 18 mo. stats--34 in. (90%tile), 26.5 lbs. (50%tile), 18.5 in. head circ. (25%tile).

Ok.  He is walking, finally.  He started toying with the idea at the beginning of March, but it took him a few weeks to get up the courage to take a step.  Now, 99% of his moving around is done on foot rather than on knee.  It's nice, because he had worn holes in the knees of all of his p.j.'s.  He's getting faster and faster every day, and has gotten up to running speed.  One of his favorite games to play with momma is catch.  He has little bean bag footballs from his birthday party, and he loves to toss them back and forth with me.  It makes him giggle, and he could go all day if I had to patience.  As most babies are, he's obsessed with cords, buttons, strings, the blinds, and trying to touch the tv.  He hates watching the tv, but he LOVES to touch it. 

I guess there is proof now that he is actually my child; that kids loves to talk.  His favorite words these days are "tickle tickle," "peeka" (peek-a-boo), "bey buh buh" (belly button), "whas dat" (what's that), and today he said, for the very first time, the most beautiful words a mother can hear.  He said "lub you!"  I thought I was going to die.  I cried, of course.  He makes new sounds and words every day, and it never gets old.  He has pretty much grown out of the paralyzed vocal cord (from his heart surgery at day 5), so we are glad he inherited momma's volume!  He is so dang loud. 

The kid is smart.  He constantly discovers new things, and I love his face when he figures it out.  Just today, he was trying to fit his toy choo-choo in a nook inthe entertainment center.  It took him a minute or two, but once he got it, he was so excited!  He loves colors, and he will point our nose, ears, and eyes when you ask him.  We are officially off the bottle and on to the sippy cup (I know it took a while, but if any kid deserves to be spoiled, it is he). 

Welton loves going for walks, and is definitely a people watcher, just like momma and daddy.  One day we forgot sunblock, and the kids got darker than me, and I had been tanning for 2 weeks.  So, I guess we know whose skin he got :)  He's still a little skeptical of the grass, but he's warming up to it.

We just spent a week in Utah, spending time with Ben's family, and having fun at Welton's NICU reunion.  Ben spent most of the days working, but we had plenty of family fun together.  Hopefully we will be able to go back up a few times this summer, especially to see Ben's parents with they back from the islands. 

I promise to get pictures up soon, but I'm having camera problems.  Take my word for it--he's still cute :)

27 December, 2011

Before the year ends...

Yep.  I know I never fail to mention how much of a slacker I am, so from now on, I'll just assume you all know. 

We moved to Arizona back in September, and I couldn't be happier!  Welton has taken to the new place quite well, and I'm glad we have more space since he his now crawling around like a mad man, and quickly becoming a puller-upper.  He can't wait to get on his feet, but I'm a little worried since I know he needs to crawl for a little longer (it's only been 2 weeks).  He no longer needs therapy since physically he is performing at his corrected age and he is at his actual age in all other categories (cognitive, speech, feeding, emotional and social).  Welton is 25 lbs and 32" long.  So, he is in the 65% for weight (for 1 year) and 80% for height.  He got his helmet off after only 3 months, and his 6th tooth is getting ready to break through.  We had a great Halloween, birthday and Christmas.  Here are a few pictures from the festivities.

Welton is doing better than we could have ever dreamed, and it's all due to amazing medical care, countless prayers, and infinite love from friends and family.  We miss all of you, and can't wait to visit GA and UT!  We hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a super-duper happy new year!!!!

28 October, 2011


Getting fitted for his helmet.

Not a happy camper.

Look at the back of his head; that is why he needed a helmet.

He loves him some food.


Football time with Daddy.

First time in the big boy buggy seat.

Reminds me of baby pictures of my big brother Steven.


Plum tuckered.


Nap time.

Holding his own bottle!

13 October, 2011

There IS an Arizona!!!

I'm a horrible blogger, but I find that to be the only way I can be a half decent mother and wife. 

I'm sure you're all (but you all I of course mean my mother, because I'm fairly confident she's the only one who reads this) tired of my excuses and apologies for not updating as often as you'd like, and I make no promises to change.  I will, however, try my best to do better.

Now that we're past that, I do know that those of you (mom) who do read this really only care about hearing about and seeing my amazingly beautiful child so I won't bother talking about  my boring self.

Welton is almost 11 months old, and he just passed his 7 months corrected milestone.  He is shooting par for physical and developmental goals, doing everything he should by 7 months.  He won't roll from his back to his tummy though, because he hates being on his tummy.  This poses a problem when it comes to crawling, but we are told that it's not a huge concern right now.  He is sitting like a champ, and goes most of the day without toppling over.  When he does though, it's super sad because with the helmet on, it hurts his little head.  Oh, yeah, he got a helmet about 2 months ago and will probably be wearing it for another month or 2.  I have no idea how much he weighs, but when we go in for his 1 year check up, I will be sure to share all his stats. 

He still sleeps through the night (he started that 2 weeks after we got home from the hospital), but he has started waking up randomly and playing for a few minutes and then goes back to sleep.  He takes 2 or 3 naps a day and is eating like a champ (evident by his large stature).  His favorites are apples with cinnamon and green beans.  There are no teeth to speak of, but he gnaws on everything he can get a hold of, so I'm sure they will be coming soon.  He has the funniest laugh.  It's not a giggle, but sounds more like a screech owl.  And it's hilarious.  He is a chatterbox, and makes at least one new sound every day.  Under his helmet he has a thick mop of shiny black hair and it's growing like a weed.  He smiles pretty much all day, and makes my heart happy.  Everyone who meets him comments on his good nature and adorable dimples.

We are loving being back in Arizona, and I swear I will write more later.  I'm tired.  Pictures will be uploaded once I get them on my computer.